At Providence Corrosion Ltd., we are convinced that the Cathodic Protection industry needs a renewed approach through the use:

   a. Better trained and more skilled, talented technicians

   b. State-of-the-art technology.

Providence Corrosion Ltd. was formed to offer an innovated option to the Oil and Gas Industry in regards to Integrity Management.

Conventionally, the CP industry is perhaps one of the few that has been utilizing the same methodologies and procedures for over a century. Keep using these same practices is not only ineffective and costly but unsustainable considering our vast and aged infrastructure and the labor shortage that Canada and specially our province is facing.

Furthermore the CP industry has been focused so much on performing routinework to meet minimal regulatory requirements that “untypical” corrosion situations are often overlooked with undesired consequences.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us, to discuss in detail how our innovated ideas can benefit your organization.